Tasting i18n

Recently I got a chance to work on a project, where i18n was already implemented, and now we were expanding it for middle east contries for that web, which means implement RTL. You can find a lots of articles around, what needs to take care while implementing LTR and RTL websites etc., but those articles are a true help, if you are creating or building an application from scratch, but in this case application was already live and running on more than 70 locales (countries).

Interesting part was not only development of it, but automation part for it. Which level of automation is required, what is depth of automation needed, will unit tests be enough? or we need acceptance level test too? How to make sure that existing LTR is not breaking and we are proceeding in positive and scalable (re)architecting the project in all good ways. So many questions, right? I was also confused how to put them all in one place, but recently I got a chance to present a talk in an event called VodQA on the same topic.

I thought to put some of the early thoughts here, please find the slides for the same.

Github url for the demo repo is here.


Part – II – Details of how to implement RTL in such environment or in new development project. (to be continued…)