Measure your selection of js frameworks

A common question now-a-days people ask – “Which JS framework should I use or is better?” There are enormous number of posts available on net, “Compare JS frameworks, which one is best?, Why angular is better than others? etc.“, but I think – “are we asking the right question even? do we understand what support we need for the information we want to handle?

I think its better to understand your project first, instead of start googling for this vague answer, which might not fit. If you are starting a new project, would you start with the framework selection process first, or you will write your own custom from scratch or you will use the one you used in your last project or the one you are most comfortable with? lots of questions, which usually arose when we start something new, but what if you join a project which is already in half way baked and the whole team is suffering with the pain with it? What would you do in that case? will you take a step ahead and change it? theoretically or in sunny world example, the answer could be yes, but practically, its quite unacceptable and unreasonable too.

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