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Tasting i18n

Recently I got a chance to work on a project, where i18n was already implemented, and now we were expanding it for middle east contries for that web, which means implement RTL. You can find a lots of articles around, what needs to take care while implementing LTR and RTL websites etc., but those articles are a […]

Measure your selection of js frameworks

A common question now-a-days people ask – “Which JS framework should I use or is better?” There are enormous number of posts available on net, “Compare JS frameworks, which one is best?, Why angular is better than others? etc.“, but I think – “are we asking the right question even? do we understand what support we need for […]

Understanding UX Basics

I don’t have much knowledge about extremes of UX things, but whatever I could understand in my last one year, I am jotting it down, so that It can be helpful for other too who wants to try hands in UX or are already doing UX but not in right way. In last few years […]